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Collection Survey: Takahiko Iimura

Collection Survey


Project 1: November 2016

TAkahiko Iimura

Collection Survey at artist Iimura Takahiko's Tokyo Studio with Mona Jimenez (right) and Laurie Duke (middle). November, 2016.

Collection Survey at artist Iimura Takahiko's Tokyo Studio with Mona Jimenez (right) and Laurie Duke (middle). November, 2016.

Below is a brief introduction of the Collection Survey conducted at artist Iimura Takahiko's studio in Tokyo in November 2016. For full report, please contact CCJ, with your reason for the request. 


A collection survey of the work of Takahiko Iimura was conducted November 23–25, 2016, by Ann Adachi, Laurie Duke, and Mona Jimenez, with assistance from the artist and his assistants, Rie Iwashima and Mina Iwashima. The goal of the survey was to locate and assess the highest quality version of the artist’s works. A spreadsheet titled “CCJ Iimura Collection Survey” was created (“2016_CCJ_Collection_Survey _Iimura”) to collect metadata during the survey.

Particular attention was paid to film materials and obsolete video formats such as U- matic (3/4-inch tape), Hi8, and Betacam. However, a count of all audiovisual items was accomplished, and some changes in arrangement were made to facilitate further work to identify the highest quality versions of Iimura’s work. The survey was restricted to video and film; we did not survey any other media (such as optical disks or hard drives).


Discussions with the artist revealed his working methods and the organization and arrangement of his collection. Generally speaking, the materials were stored by format. The U-matic tapes were stored roughly chronologically. We respected his arrangement but re-ordered the tapes and in some cases re-shelved them as described below to better understand the collection and to make it easier to locate and compare various versions of artworks and related materials.


飯村氏との対話で作家がどのようにコレクションをアレンジしているのかがわかった。大まか に言えばコレクションはフォーマットごとに保管されていた。3⁄4” U-maticは年代順に整理され ていた。飯村氏の整理アレンジメントを考慮しながらことによっては以下にあるように整理し 直し、コレクションを理解できやすいように、また他のバージョンとの見比べがし易いようにした。





作家飯村隆彦氏の東京スタジオのコレクション・サーベーが2016年11月23-25日にモナ・ ヒメネズ、ローリー・デューク、足立アン、とアシスタント岩島里枝と岩島未奈により行われ た。このサーベーのゴールは各作品の一番クオリティーの高いバージョンの保存場所とその現 存状態を査定することである。
サーベーでは特にフィルムと3⁄4” U-matic, Hi8, Betacamなどの旧式ビデオ・フォーマットに フォーカスがあてられた。しかし、 現存する全てのフォーマットの合計は数え、また保存場 所の移動を行うことで 今回査定できなかった作品も今後調査できるようにアレンジした。サー ベーはフィルムとビデオのみにあてられた。オプティカル・ディスクやハード・ドライブなど 他のメディアは査定していない。


Report / レポート

Extracted English report

Section 1: The Collection Survey--Overview, Introduction, Methodology
Section 2: Collection Analysis--Overall Condition; Formats, Format Detail
Section 3: Mastering Format of Titles in Collection--Representation of Titles in Collection
Section 4: Risks--Obsolescence, Deterioration, and Other Issues; Information on the Generation: Which One is the Superior Master?
Section 5: Recommendations--Environment, Care & Handling, File Storage; Checking Against Currently Available Digital Files; File Storage Intellectual Control & Metadata

The 2016 Collection Survey was supported by the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission.