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Collection Survey

Collection Survey

Tokyo studio of Iimura Takahiko. Photo: Ann Adachi-Tasch.

Tokyo studio of Iimura Takahiko. Photo: Ann Adachi-Tasch.





The effort of documentation aims at keeping a record of existing Japanese experimental moving image and to keep that data in a format that can be maintained and shared in the future. Further, by collecting information about the media's condition, number of copies, history of transfers and generational hierarchy, we are able to identify the best existing copy which may be used for future Preservation projects. By extracting uniform metadata sets and implementing shared vocabularies, CCJ aims to collect thorough information about the works of Japanese experimental moving image artists, and help build an infrastructure that allows sharing of that knowledge. Points of consideration are vocabulary standardization, bilingual (Japanese and English) database interface, and open sourced database technology. 





Assessment of the preservation condition of works allows the collection holder to understand the degree of vulnerability of their assets and strategically plan preservation projects based on their priorities and available resources. In some cases, CCJ may assist in fundraising for preservation projects in order to meet the collection holders' goals. 


Project 1: November 2016

Collection survey: Iimura TAkahiko

Project 2: 


Ko Nakajima (2018)

Project 3


Keiichi Tanaami (2018)