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シンポジウム「タイムベースド・メディアの収集保存」/ International Panel at Tokyo Museum of Photographic Art


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シンポジウム「タイムベースド・メディアの収集保存」/ International Panel at Tokyo Museum of Photographic Art

ニューヨーク近代美術館、アンソロジー・フィルム・ アーカイヴス、東京都写真美術館の事例から 


ジョン・クラックスマン (フィルム・アーキビスト、アンソロジー・フィルム・アーカイブ)
ピーター・オレクシク (メディア・カンサーバター、ニューヨーク近代美術館)


International Panel
Collecting and Preserving Time Based Media Art: 
Case Study from MoMA, Anthology Film Archives, and TOP

Co-organizers CCJ and Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (TOP) are pleased to present this panel, which brings together representatives from distinguished institutions to discuss recent case studies of presenting and preserving complex media art installations. Extending CCJ's current research topic on expanded cinema, the panel addresses key questions that lead the process of re-staging historic time based media art works: 

  • How to work with variations, or iterations of a particular work as it is presented as performance, a one-off event, screening, or a gallery installation? 
  • What are the documentation processes as an institution produces a re-stage, in order to present again in the future? What are the workflows, and policies?
  • What are recent techniques for presenting complex media art works that used what are now obsolete technologies? 

John Klacsmann (Anthology Film Archives)
Peter Oleksik (The Museum of Modern Art)
Shinji Tanaka (Independent Technician)
Introduction: Ann Adachi-Tasch (CCJ)
Moderator: Hiroko Tasaka (Director, 2018 Yebisu Festival; Curator, TOP)

Simultaneous translation provided
Partially funded by Terumo Foundation for Life Sciences and Arts
Co-organized by TOP and CCJ

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This program is generously supported by the Terumo Foundation for Life Sciences and Arts