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News & Field Report is a blog covering a variety of topics in relation to the events, activities, and researches organized and/or attended by CCJ. The reports are told in Japanese and/or English, depending on the intended audience; not all reports are bilingual. 


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映像保存学会AMIA2016レポート(足立アン)/ AMIA 2016 Report by Ann Adachi-Tasch

Ann Adachi-Tasch


Below are few points from the 2016 AMIA conference that may be helpful in thinking about CCJ's planning. 

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AMIAメモ:金曜日/Notes from AMIA 2015 Portland: Friday

Ann Adachi-Tasch


2015年11月18−21日にアメリカオレゴン州、ポートランドで行われたAssociation of Moving Image Archivist (AMIA)のカンファレンス20日、金曜日のメモです。これはアメリカの映像保存学会のカンファレンスでの様子、今日のディスカッションなどを簡単に紹介するために公開します。個人のメモであり、発表者の直接なエントリーではありません。

This entry is notes from the Friday (11/20) sessions held at the Association of Moving Image Archivist Conference (AMIA), held in Portland on November 18-21, 2015. These notes are made available in order to introduce the types of discussions held by moving image archivist in the U.S., to those interested in Japan. These are notes taken by an audience member, and is not a direct entry made by the presenters of the conference. 

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