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Masanori Oe

Masanori Oe

Masanori Oe moved in 1966 to New York after graduating from college, where he worked at the Third World Studio and made works alongside experimental filmmakers such as Jonas Mekas, Stan Vanderbeek, and others. In 1967, he worked with the Newsreel collective, a group of filmmakers, photographers, and media artists who worked within and across mediums to provide alternative news coverage to the world events and anti-establishment movements at the time. 

Besides being a movie director and an author of more than ten books, Oe is a sculptor and a woodblock print artist, a translator of books by Hindu and Buddhist sages, Native American and Australian aboriginal spirituality for Japanese audiences, a photographer, an ecological educator, an organic farmer in the tradition of Fukuoka Masanobu (One Straw Revolution), and an antiwar activist. In the early 1970 he helped to found one of the first health-food stores in Japan, and helped to write the first Japanese version of the Whole Earth Catalog and he has organized massive festivals of alternative culture attended by thousands of people. (Latter bio paragraph by writer Andy Couturier.)

CCJ Projects

screening / artist talk


Transcription of Q&A session with Ōe to be posted soon. 

Screening: Newsreel Documentaries of Masanori Oe

FEBRUARY 11, 2017

S NO.1, 1967, 5min, film transferred to video
HEAD GAME, 1967, 10min, film transferred to video
NO GAME, 1967, 17min, film transferred to video
SALOME’S CHILDREN, 1968, 7min, film transferred to video
BETWEEN THE FRAME, 10min, film transferred to video
GREAT SOCIETY, 1967, 18min, six-screen 16mm films transferred to single-channel video