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View: Ko Nakajima's Video Earth Tokyo Interviews of Ikeda and Shimoda CATVs

Video Earth Tokyo Interviews of Ikeda and Shimoda CATVs 


Ko Nakajima and Video Earth Tokyo, Video Earth Tokyo Interviews of Ikeda and Shimoda CATVs, 1971 (2019 edit), 25 min

Video Earth Tokyo Interviews of Ikeda and Shimoda CATVs / ビデオアース東京初期:伊豆下田CATV・北海道池田町CATV|1971, 25 min, 1/2Open Reel transferred to Digital file, color, sound

When Keiji Ito, a new member of Video Earth Tokyo, expressed an interest in starting a cable television station in Shimoda, the collective brought in and wired the coaxial cables themselves, and established a local transmission studio, broadcasting live to about 20-30 homes. The contents of the program were community-based guerrilla programs, continuous shot of the clock for time signaling, and other kinds of material. As this was a project for the local community, we did not broadcast any individual work that is experimental in nature. This project became independent in 1978 as Video Earth K2, and continues to operate to this day (Shimoda Cable TV Broadcast Co., Ltd.)  We found out later that there was a cable television operation in Ikeda-cho, and covered their story as well.


In 2019 CCJ digitized seven 1/2 Open Reel tapes that were part of this work. The current preserved version is the 2019 edited and subtitled version.