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Nobuhiro Aihara: Works 1982-2008 - Programs A & B


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Nobuhiro Aihara: Works 1982-2008 - Programs A & B

Screenings of Works by Nobuhiro Aihara: 1969–2008

Programs A & B

Friday, December 14, 7pm at Lightbox Film Center

Collaborative Cataloging Japan is pleased to invite Postwar Japan Moving Image Archive (PJMIA) to present the works of representative Japanese animation artist, Nobuhiro Aihara (1944–2011). Amounting to 70 titles, Aihara’s oeuvre covers not only animation but also avant-garde filmmaking. Since 2016 PJMIA has been organizing and digitizing these films, and are now available for public presentation in four parts, arranged chronologically.

In 2016-2017, Hirofumi Sakamoto, director of Postwar Japan Moving Image Archive digitized the works of Nobuhiro Aihara. (The digitization of these materials was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 15K02184.)

All works transferred from film to digital video.


Program A (70 minutes)

Documentary Animation 1969-1973

1 Stop, 16mm, 3min, 1969

2 [Cherry Blossom, 16mm, 2min, 1970

3 Rhabdophis Tigrinus, 16mm, 5min, 1972

4 [Powdered White Wings], 16mm, 8min, 1972

5 Honeybee Season Has Passed, 16mm, 8min, 1972

6 [Fox Colored Early Spring], 16mm, 11min, 1973

7 [Red Diamant], 16mm, 6min, 1973

8 [Fairy Flower], 16mm, 12min, 1973

9 [Lacquer], 16mm, 9min, 1973

10 [Short Distance Runner], 16mm, 6min, 1973


Program B (76 minutes)

Expanding Animation 1974-1981 

11 [Reckless Daydream], 16mm, 3min, 1974

12 [Neo-Night on the Bald Mountain], 16mm, 6min, 1975

13 Stone No.1, 16mm, 5min, 1975

14 Stone, 16mm, 8min, 1975

15 [Cloud Thread], 16mm, 6min, 1976

16 Karma, 16mm, 3min, 1977

17 [Hikari (Light)], 16mm, 3min, 1978

18 Under the Sun, 16mm, 11min, 1979

19 [Water Ring Karma 2], 16mm, 4min, 1980

20 [Blue Match], 16mm, 3min, 1980

21 [Wind Erosion], 16mm, 3min, 1980

22 Burning’, 16mm, 5min, 1980

23 SHELTER, 16mm, 7min, 1980

24 MY SHELTER, 16mm, 9min, 1981