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Programs & Services


CCJ assists collections in creating in-depth documentation (database) and assessing preservation needs. 
By extracting uniform metadata sets and implementing shared vocabularies, CCJ aims to collect thorough information about the work and help build an infrastructure that allows sharing of that knowledge. Points of consideration are vocabulary standardization, bilingual (Japanese and English) database interface, and open sourced database technology. 
Assessment of the preservation condition of works allows the collection holder to understand the degree of vulnerability of their assets and strategically plan preservation projects based on their priorities and available resources. In some cases, CCJ may assist in fundraising for preservation projects in order to meet the collection holders' goals. 

conferences & workshops

CCJ organizes conferences and workshops to raise awareness of, and increase technical knowledge on, archival and preservation practices within Japan. These meetings also provide opportunities for media preservation initiatives and information exchange between domestic and international collections. Invited experts give lectures and workshops on film and video preservation and archival practices. 

resources online

CCJ makes available in Japanese existing English-language resources on media exhibition, preservation, and archive practice. CCJ supports institutions and individuals in the creation of a general standard for media preservation and archiving in Japan. 

public events

CCJ programming in the U.S. includes screenings, exhibitions, and panel discussions promoting emerging scholarship on Japanese experimental moving image works, and the exhibition of underrepresented films and video works.


CCJ supports preservation projects of collection holders, including museums, universities, and individuals through fundraising, administering and overseeing the preservation process (the project may take place either in Japan or the U.S.), and maintaining quality control. The outcome object materials (master copies, exhibition copies, digital copies, etc.) and intellectual properties (metadata) are owned by the collection holders. 

digital archive

As a long-term goal, CCJ aims to create a bridge platform between researchers and existing collections, so that the legacy may be studied and documented in further detail. This may take a form of a digital database that includes listings, descriptions and excerpts of works, scholarly writings, primary and secondary documents, and a selected bibliography, among other components.